All-In-One Kiosk System Vending Machine

Ice Machines International, Inc. has expanded their line to include a kiosk approach to providing purified water and ice in a coin or credit card operated vending machine. The all-in-one kiosk system delivers both purified water & Ice Qik®!

The kiosk is a free-standing self-service system providing purified water & Ice Qik® to the customer 24/7 at a touch of a button.

Great for those high volume potential locations such as car washes, supermarket parking lots, convenient stores, recreational areas, marinas, and resort areas.

The unique design has all the devices located inside of a "kiosk" style building providing ease of access, even during foul weather events, and additional security for your profits. The dimensions of the kiosk measures 8'W x 11'L x 10'H providing a stable compact unit that is suitable for placing at various surface locations to best suit your customer profile.

Additional options are a second Ice Qik and/or Water Dispenser to meet your volume requirements and/or a stainless steel hand sink or 3-compartment sink to meet code requirements in your area, if necessary.

* Continuing product improvement may change specifications without notice.

Customer Service

Ice Machines International is committed to providing unmatched customer support. Contact us toll-free at 1-800-474-5369.

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