About Ice Qik®

Ice Machines International, Inc.,

is the national distributor of ICE QIK®, the patented ice vending machine. We provide additional options, supplies and marketing tools for our product. Currently, there are 8 models of ICE QIK® available and each model has various footprints and ice production sizes.

How does ICE QIK® work?

The customer simply walks up to the ICE QIK® and inserts their money. Then they have two options, place their own ice chest on the shelf or pull an ice bag off of the ice bag roll. When the bag or ice chest is in place they just push the ICE button. Customers love the freshly made gourmet quality ice cubes. "I'll never have to slam a solid bag of ice on the concrete again!" exclaims a regular fleet customer.

ICE QIK® is an attractive ice vending machine that markets itself with its beautiful bold graphics. It is sure to increase your customers' loyalty and enhance the image of your store, and the return on investment is phenomenal.

ICE QIK® vending machines feature two independently programmable ice buttons. You may set the price in 5 cent increments and set the quantity of ice per vend. Programming is convenient enough to offer special incentives and promotions helping to increase gas and store volume. It is sure to be a favorite at convenience stores, grocery stores, truck stops, travel rest stops, camp grounds, fishing piers, marinas, college campuses and more.

Easy Service:

Ease of service is just another one of the features that make ICE QIK® vending machines stand out above other types of ice delivery systems.

  • Ice machine serviced from front access
  • Dispenser serviced from front or rear access
  • Water filter serviced and cartridge exchanged from rear access

Contact us to let us know of your equipment needs. We pay close attention to our customers needs to create the ideal operating conditions for your business. We can also provide assistance in locating factory trained technicians if necessary.

Please call 843-449-4691, 800-474-5369 toll-free, Email Us for more information or to locate a distributer near you.

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